Gel Nail Arts Designs 2019

Recently i updated article, we launch a new and Gel Nail Arts Designs 2019 i.e. the gel nails. Gel nails are more preferable than acrylics because they’ve got little chances of getting lifted and help in strengthening the real nails if used as a base coat.
Many thing to note is that gel nails are extremely different from acrylic nails. The main difference is the use of different elements for curing gel nails and acrylic nails. For curing Acrylic nails, a polymer and monomer combination is used whereas gel nails use UV light for curing.

When you want to watch stunned by seen various 3D gel nail art Collection or enjoy even the stylish gel nail polish look, you may be interested in trying a process of using gel nail polish yourself. But it is equally important to know how the application of gel nails should go so that you do not end up with a mess.

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1. Visual & Directional Gel TutorialUV gel nail (22)

Some steps for gel nail application are described below:

Use your nails to remove any natural shine from the surface in order to keep the gel withheld and prevent chipping.
Pick the gel nail brush start from the cuticle start the gel on the nail make a thin layer of it. Do not pressurize the brush much for the smooth application of gel.
Use UV lamp for 3 minutes to cure the first coat of gel once it is finished.
Curing of first layout, try to bursh an other layout of gel on nail. You can start producing the base colour now for making the desired design.
Again cure the second coat in the same way as you did for the first coat.
Follow the last two steps again.
Give the finishing touch to your design. Some products do not need so many coats of gel, so it is advised to follow the instructions accordingly.

2. Powdered & Patterned

UV gel nail (1)

It can be difficult to achieve a perfect pattern on each individual nail, and extremely time consuming, when using normal nail polish on your real nails. That’s where gel nails come in. Attach a sticker pattern on your design and have it melt your nail for a flawless look like the one seen above.

3. Swirling Roses

UV gel nail

A gorgeous design of clear gel nails with patterns of roses and leaves, connected in a swirling pattern. Patterns belike these would be very difficulties to get or look tacky if stickerd. Gel nail design, they’re evenly spaced and shiny.

4. Sparkling Violet Frenchie
UV gel nail (2)Gel nails can be designed into any shape you’d like your nails to take on, including long and cork-tipped like the ones you see above. Frightnes look awesome when complete used gel, and still  your nail feels smooth instead of he bumpy texture glitter usually creates when applied to nails.

5. Devious Black Fencing & Flowers
UV gel nail (3)Another great example of patterns looking fabulous in as gel nail art. The wearers has add a few flower to just a few nail to add few intriguing depth to her design.

6. Lemon Sunshine
UV gel nail (4)You can play around with many designs and styles when using UV gel nails. One of up about the having them is that will rise your nails damage free and strongs as you wear them. Another is that you can still paint them after they’ve been set – like seen above.

7. Glitter Goddess
UV gel nail (5)The perfect sheen of gel nails is undeniable. If you are a girl that choose the sleek and awesome look of shiny best nails then gel nails are the way to go. They reflect light like no other type of nail or polish out there.

8. 80’s Retro Punk
UV gel nail (6)You can never go wrong with designs that characterize the era you were either born in or once loved. The bright pink and pastel blue done with black animal prints is undeniably becoming a classic, symbolic of the 80s and becoming popularized by the next generation of professionals.

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